Putting social value at the heart of commissioning

Local Authority Strategy Documents

On this page you can find a range of local authority strategy documents and social value charters. Reading about different organsiations approaches and real world examples of social value helps create a clearer image of what social value is and what it can provide, either as an individual or business. 

If you have any suggestions for local authority strategy documents which could be added to this list, please contact us.

Procurement Strategies:

Allerdale Council – Procurement Strategy

Merton Council – Procurement Strategy

Camden – Procurement Strategy

Carlisle Council – Procurement Strategy

Hertsmere – Procurement Strategy

Corporate and Sustainable Procurement Strategy:

St Helens Council – Corporate Procurement Strategy

Tewkesbury Council – Corporate Procurement Strategy

Hinckley and Bosworth Council – Corporate Procurement Strategy

Havering Council – Corporate Procurement Strategy

Enfield Council – Corporate and Sustainable Procurement Strategy

Cumbria Council – Sustainable Procurement Strategy

Different Procurement Methods:

Croydon Council – Commissioning (Procurement) Strategy

Durham Council – Commissioning and Procurement Strategy

Lambeth Council – Social Value Strategy and Responsible Procurement

Cornwall Council – Responsible Procurement and Commissioning Policy

Social Value Charters:

Calderdale – Social Value Charter

Leeds – Social Value Charter

Shropshire – Social Value Charter for Shropshire

Social Value Policy:

Bristol Council – Social Value Policy (January 2019)

Lewisham Council – Social Value Policy

Knowsley – Social Value Policy

Walsall Council – Social Value Policy

Halton Council – Social Value Procurement Framework

Social Value Toolkits:

Coventry – Social Value Policy (Social Value Toolkit)

Croydon – Social Value Toolkit

Sefton Council – Social Value Toolkit

Cumbria Council – Social Value Toolkit (For Commissioners and Procurers)

Durham Council – Social Value Taskforce Report

Blackpool – Inspiring and Creating Social Value (Social Value Toolkit)

Croydon – Inspiring and creating Social Value (Social Value Toolkit)

Hull City Council – Social Value Policy Statement (Social Value Toolkit)

A Social Value toolkit for Milton Keynes Council